Computer Service & Repair

Device Tune-up & Repair

Diagnostic Testing

Laptop Hardware Repair & Installation

PC Hardware Repair & Installation

Software Installation

Battery Replacement

Mobile Repair

Data Recovery

Wireless Network Installation

Virus Removal & Device Recovery

Operating System Formatting

Web Design & Development

Meet with one of our agents and we’ll discuss your ideas, and set up the plan to build the website of your dreams.



Retainer Fee:
If we set-up a plan, we will require a retainer fee to build the website. After the site is finished, we can either continue to maintain your site, or we can set it up that we can build the site and then you will not require us to work on your site further after everything is finished.



Maintenance Fee:
This is if we build your site, and then you would like us to continue to maintenance the site and add future content.



If you’ve had a previous site administrator, and you need to find a replacement – let’s meet, and discuss your ideas!



If you’d like me to teach you to build, maintenance, add content, and be your own site administrator.



Extras, Social Media Presence & Advertisement:
Things like SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and making sure that your site is on Google search engines, or any other search engine. If you need help setting up social media accounts to further expose your website to a broader audience, and would like help advertising and/or marketing, the same fees apply.


Please contact us for pricing information and cost estimates.